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Providing Comprehensive Consulting Services

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High Impact Marketing Concepts Inc provides comprehensive consulting services for businesses of every size and in every industry. Whether it’s a brand new company, an expanding business, or a well-known brand in need of some updated marketing efforts, our experts will consult with the business to uncover their specific needs.

We provide digital product consulting for website creation, SEO strategies, SEM campaigns, email integration, social media, and more. We can create, manage, or improve your online marketing as a whole, perfecting each aspect to implement the results you need. We also provide print services consulting to design and distribute the materials that will boost your sales and increase brand awareness while targeting the audiences mostly likely to purchase your products or use your services.

Our consulting services begin with the initial contact with the client to gather basic information about their business, what their marketing goals are, and pinpoint the services they can benefit from most. Then we work on the design of all of these venues, from the website’s navigation features to the font on the business cards. We tie in corporate branding (logos, colors, lingo, etc.), proven lead generation techniques, the geographical areas each client wants to reach, and much more.

After the materials are designed, we work with the client to edit and perfect each detail before launching the marketing campaign, Once the materials have been published, digitally or in print, we continue to work with the business to analyze the effectiveness of each marketing venue, making changes where needed and continuing what is working well.

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