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Responsive Websites

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Our Gadsden area marketing firm has a team of web developers, copywriters, and marketing professionals dedicated to creating responsive websites with unique designs, easy-to-navigate layouts, and dynamic content. Did you know that even in 2016, 62% of businesses still do not have a website? Without a website in today’s business market, companies are losing credibility and missing out on potential customers.

High Impact Marketing Concepts Inc will not only create a website for your business—we will create a responsive website design that is adaptable for all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones) and integrate keywords, branded emails, social media page links, and more. We also write all the content for each client, allowing them to edit, change, and update this content whenever and as often as they would like. If a business already has a website but would like to redesign it, our digital team does that as well, retaining the domain name the business already owns. All of our responsive websites are backed by affordable hosting and complete customer support for as long as the client remains with us.

The process for creating a website is quick, easy, and painless. Our representatives meet with the business owner to obtain all the necessary information, which is forwarded to a member of the digital team. This digital team member becomes their single point of contact throughout the process and after the site is complete. Our web developers are experienced with and knowledgeable of the latest web design software and technologies. From restaurants to medical facilities, one location to multiple franchises, we can create the website each business needs to be found in search results, grow their customer base, and increase their return on investment.

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